Sample Uses For a Lawyer Letter

There are many issues that a professional lawyer's letter can positively resolve, and that will save you the hassle and cost of litigation. Even if your issue isn't listed in the examples below, just send us a message and we'll let you know whether our service is right for you.

  • Landlord-tenant issues (deposit returns, repair demands, or collections)
  • Demand letters
  • End harassment (credit collection, sexual, employer, or spam)
  • Settling small claims cases before filing
  • Injury claims, or automobile damages
  • Noisy or annoying neighbors/tenants
  • Defamation and reputation matters
  • Letters to the city




  • Product warranty issues
  • Letters to the city
  • Airline disputes
  • Ex-significant other causing you grief over some issue
  • Internet order issues
  • Vendor not holding up their end of the bargain
  • Breach of contract damage demand letters
  • Trespass issues
  • You were overcharged above a promised quote

And any other problem you may have, with anyone, anywhere!


  • Collection of loans
  • Defense against collection attempts
  • Collect past due rent from tenants
  • Collection of spousal or child support
  • Collect fees due for an overdue invoice
  • Bad check collection up to 3 times the amount
  • Insurance payment issues
  • Any demand letter!