Uses For A Lawyer Letter


Landlord-tenant issues (deposit returns, repair demands, or collections)

Demand letters

End harassment (credit collection, sexual, employer, or spam)

Settling small claims cases before filing

Injury claims, or automobile damages

Noisy or annoying neighbors/tenants

Defamation and reputation matters

Letters to the city


Product warranty issues

Letters to the city

Airline disputes

Ex-significant other causing you grief over some issue

Internet order issues

Vendor not holding up their end of the bargain

Breach of contract damage demand letters

Trespass issues

You were overcharged above a promised quote


Collection of loans

Defense against collection attempts

Collect past due rent from tenants

Collection of spousal or child support

Collect fees due for an overdue invoice

Bad check collection up to 3 times the amount

Insurance payment issues

Any demand letter!